Information about molecular imaging

Molecular imaging generally is an examination and measure of biological processes, seen at cellular or molecular level, without an surgical intervention. In contrast to usual diagnostic imaging with the target of illustrating tissue structures (architecture), molecular imaging examines specific molecular changes and developments, which are the origin of all diseases. Thus molecular imaging makes an early diagnosis possible, as changes on molecular level predate structural changes months up to years.

In health care the further development of molecular imaging could lead to a change from usual “medical treatment” to “health conservation” or “disease prevention”. To achieve this target, however, a comprehensive spectrum of diagnostic tools will be needed to achieve an early diagnosis at a pre-symptomatic stage. The molecular imaging technique PET, particularly, will be of high use (Please see Siemens-Information 13th June 2005 published at the foundation of the new area “Siemens Medical Solutions Molecular Imaging”).